Anam Cara

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The Rev. Julia Rusling is pleased to announce out Anam Cara program. Anam Cara is Gallic for “Soul Friend.”  It comes out of the Celtic tradition of encouraging us to find a spiritual companion who journeys with us on our path of life.

 Along the way the Anam Cara supports you in your own discernment of the presence and invitations of the Spirit towards healing, towards transformation, towards freedom, towards authenticity and towards service in the goodness and love of God – all grounded in a growing intimacy between you and God.

The honorarium for a one hour session is $60- $90. Please make checks payable to “St. Patrick’s Church” with  “Anam Cara Fund” in the memo line. *Please note that the fee is not tax deductible, as it is for services rendered.

Charitable donations (tax deductible) can be made to “St. Patrick’s Church” with “Anam Cara Scholarship” in the memo line. These gifts will support scholarships to those who desire spiritual companionship, but for whom payment would be a hardship.

Contact Julia at 770-455-6523 or rev. [email protected] Read the full brochure here.

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