SPARKS Brown Bag Brunch – March 15

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SPARKS in Today’s World – Brown Bag Brunch  –  Third Tuesday of every month.

The first will be Tuesday March 15 in rooms 6 and 7 and will be on SCAMS and RIPOFFS

SPARKSians inhabit a world much more complex than that of yesterday.  Once a phone line, a gas supply, an airline ticket had a price and that was that.  Phones that you carry around were science fiction, computers in the home a toy that would never have practical value and replacing a light bulb did not require a bachelors in engineering and a masters in accounting.  Con-men existed in movies but did not call you every day, and the idea of someone claiming your tax refund laughable.  An App was a spelling mistake for what killed Cleopatra.  As for credit card rewards, enrollment periods and smart phone contracts – pass my wine!  Then again, companies today praise loyalty but offer good deals only to new customers, virtually forcing us to change, or at least challenge, phone, cable, natural gas and insurance companies every year or two.  As for health insurance and Medicare – let’s not go there now; but by November we will have to go there.  Today we all play catch up and suspect, usually correctly, that if we just knew more we would do much better. Magazines and TV pump advice too generalized to help and then Georgia is usually different.  Often the best tips come from conversation with friends, and that is the reason for SPARKS in Today’s World BBB.

SPARKS in Today’s world BBB will be a round table, 10.00 am to at the latest 12.00am (or is it 12.00pm?  Oh heck, let’s say 11.59am)  on the third Tuesday of each month at which we can discuss subjects of common interest with trusted friends.  Brunch optional – but bring your own.  One of us starts with an introduction on a subject – a short talk or even just recounting a personal experience that led to increased knowledge that may help others.  We then open to general conversation and exchange of views, information and contacts, and an opportunity for anyone to bring to the table an issue on any area where they think that fellow SPARKians may help.  It is open to all who can benefit, but is seen as most suitable for those 61 on.  Why 61?  That is the year in which we have to make the big decision whether to take early Social Security, a big decision that gets financially complicated.

John Watson admits to being a Recovering Bureaucrat and enjoys (yes he actually enjoys!) delving into these things, and has undertaken to lead/moderate the first three meetings.  The first will be Tuesday March 15 in rooms 6 and 7 and will be on SCAMS and RIPOFFS.  Be there or be square (only SPARKS are old enough to get that one).

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