Spring Foyers Gathering

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Spring Foyers Gathering!!
Foyers redesigned for the 21st Century! Come find out about exciting changes! at……
Spring Foyers Open House!
Saturday, May 19, 6:30-9:00
At Bill and Diane Rankin’s Home
All who have previously signed up for or are interested in Foyers are welcome. Please email or call Diane Rankin.
Everyone is asked to bring an appetizer or side dish that will go with North Carolina barbecue. Please let Diane know what you will bring.
We will use this time together to welcome those who are new to Foyers, enjoy some food and time together, and plan and sign up for dinners and activities for the rest of the year.  Have an idea for a gathering or outing, and a willingness to take the lead? Bring your thoughts and calendars.

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