Our Program:

Journey to Adulthood classes meet at 9:00 a.m.

Rite 13 – grades 7-8
J2A – grades 9-10
YEA – grades 11-12

Journey to Adulthood

St. Patrick’s is proud to support the Journey to Adulthood program for our Youth.    This program is a Bible based curriculum that uses our Prayer Book and community building as it’s foundation. Every year builds on the one before and it is driven for the Youth by the Youth and their church community. Come be a part of something big!

Rite 13 (7th-8th Grade Sunday School)
This is the Rites of Passage class! A major component of J2A is the way it is structured around Rites of Passage that mark the transition of young people from childhood to adulthood. This transition is a process, not a single event and the Journey to Adulthood program spends six years moving teens through the three stages of a classic Rite of Passage: separation, initiation, and reincorporation. This is accomplished through both the structure of the weekly lessons, and through various special liturgies that mark progress along the way. The huge popularity of the “Rite 13 Liturgy” (actually entitled “Celebration of Manhood & Womanhood”) is a clear indication that this rite of passage “rings true” for people of all ages – not just youth and their parents, but also for many of the parishioners who gather to witness this important transitional rite.










J2A (9th-10th Grade Sunday School)
The same can also be said of the Holy Pilgrimage which is designed to happen after the fourth year of the program. This sacred journey has the potential to transform not just the young pilgrims who travel, but also the congregation who has sent them forth. Our church has discovered the importance of being intentional about celebrating major steps in one’s personal and faith formation. And we have learned the process of letting go, separating from the past and spending time with God as we begin to embrace the future.

YEA (11th-12th Grade Sunday School)
The third major component of J2A is spiritual formation. J2A has re‐introduced the church to the importance of everyday, ordinary adults sharing their journey with young people and together developing an authentic, growing spiritual life. They have learned to pray, to share their faith with each other and they have traveled to sacred places where others have found God and been able to rest in that place – seeking God, learning to wait on the Lord and to be in God’s presence rather than just doing “good works”. They have deepened their relationship with God as well as learning about God. The lesson learned in J2A has been that our work as those who care for youth is not just to amuse or hold them close for these few years, but to actively equip them for adulthood; an adulthood where their deep spiritual lives and their ability to engage the world joyfully and purposefully, enables them to be a part of God’s healing presence in the world.