Building and Grounds

This ministry maintains the building and grounds; oversees recommendations for improvements and new projects and coordinates their completion; conducts planning studies for longer- range building needs and grounds improvements; conducts Spring and Fall Parish Work Days to engage the full parish in working to maintain and improve our house of worship. Receives requests for needed improvements to facilities and grounds.

St. Patrick’s Building and Grounds Committee is organized to help care for our physical building.  The Committee is lead by the Junior Warden with help and support from Parish representatives.  The Committee has three core areas:

  • Building (Exterior)
  • Building (Interior)
  • Gardens and Landscaping


If you see something in need of repair or have an idea, please let us know by filling out this form on-line (Keep St. Pats Looking Great).  Alternatively, there are maintenance forms available on the Visitor Desk (front door of church) and Malachi’s cart (back door of church) that you can use to share your comments.