Shine a Light Ministry

The Shine A Light (SAL) ministry began in 2013 with a research project. We made a connection with Street Grace, an umbrella non-profit for all who fight DMST (domestic minor sex trafficking) and they are especially focused on legislation to pass laws that protect the rights of girls. We attended a symposium at Emory where all types of organizations gathered together including churches, non-profits, government and law enforcement to discuss the plight of young girls and present their solutions to help end DMST. We discovered that the problem is huge, knows no boundaries and is happening in our own back yards.

SAL determined our focus would be Awareness and Prevention (mission) to stop DMST before it starts. We invited Street Grace speakers to talk to our Parish on three different occasions about the horror and the challenge, educating us on how everyone can help by being aware and awake.

We placed posters throughout the church with the 800# hotline. Our priest, Dick Game, hosted a cookout for men with 20 in attendance and 14 signed a Pledge to help prevent this heinous crime and teach their sons or grandsons to respect the dignity of all women and girls. It is no longer cool to denigrate! We made lunches for vulnerable kids in the summer who go without food. If they are hungry, they are vulnerable to anyone who invites them to lunch. We hired Revved Up Kids to teach the girls at St. Patrick’s and Malachi’s to be aware with simple techniques to harm and flee within the first 3 seconds of an attack.

We planned an Advocates for Girls ministry. We work with girls ages 10-13 in order to expand their vision and hopes for the future thus preventing a life of prostitution and slavery. This program is in process and will be launched in fall of 2016.

We are dedicated to take action and help end DMST in Georgia. Every person young or old can help in some way to end this tragedy and blight on our society, one step at a time.