Prayer List

We believe in praying for each other in good times and bad times. If you would like to have your name added to our prayer list that is printed in the Sunday bulletin, please email your name and prayer request to [email protected]

Prayers for This Sunday

For short-term concerns:  David Couch, Zenia White, Priscilla White, Zazen White, Paula Nixon, Thomas Nixon, Conner, Maudine Welch, Charles, Katherine, Randy, Raymond, Lila, Hampton, Jamie Lee, Wyman, Susan, Katherine Million Welch, Father Tom Francis, Phyllis Dickson, Ruth Dowd, Elizabeth, Janet, Stacey, Samuel, Antonia, the Darbouze family, Elizabeth, Jay Orr, Deborah and family, and the victims of recent hate crime and terrorist attacks in Europe and the US

For long-term concerns: Marilyn Tilden, Nancy & Jack Lauber, Charlie & Shari Dickerson, Alice Kamman, Dick Bigler, Pat, Steven Stevens, Marigold & John Watson, Bill & Tina Scully, Joe Wallis, Ron & Margie Cook, Margaret Ohlenschlager, Brent & Sue Schofield, Jan, Don & Joan Reddicks, Charles & Zana Boyanton, Ray Washtak, Chuck Stanukinas, David & Kath, Caroline, Winkie Game, Denver, Glen, Vinh, Martha, Cynthia, Rudy, Chris Hutt, Finley Chlup, Jeff and Bonnie Dykes, Samantha, Sheryl, Susie, Marilyn, George, Will, Caroline, Deb, Reagan

For the repose of the soul of:  Elizabeth (mother of Elizabeth Sosnowski)

For a successful pregnancy:  Trish and Newman, Kelly and Scott Mandy

For a new job: Gary Fong, Star, Aaron, David, Cathy Sanders, Suzanne

For the Lord’s Provision and Holy Peace:  Our brothers & sisters in the Middle East, for those affected by recent natural disasters, & for the victims of persecution & violence around the world

For Mother Julia: Gracious and loving God, we thank You for the gift of our priest, Mother Julia. Help her to be strong in her vocation. Set her soul on fire with love for You and for Your people. Grant her the wisdom, understanding, and strength she needs to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Inspire her with the vision of Your Kingdom. Give her the words she needs to spread the Gospel. Allow her to experience joy in her ministry. Help her to become an instrument of your divine grace. We ask this through Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns as our Eternal Priest.  Amen.             

For Father Dick’s Sabbatical Journey:  Spirit of God, renew Father Dick for his ministry among us as our Rector through this time set aside for reflection, renewal, study and prayer. Provide him the stimulation sought by a renewing respite from daily tasks and routines of the last seven years of ministry at St. Patrick’s.  We pray as well for Julia as she leads us in Dick’s absence; bless her with wisdom and discernment.  Keep Father Dick and all of us steadfast in our faith, joyful in our calling, and excited for what God will yet do through and with us during this time.  Amen.

For the ministry and leadership of our Presiding Bishop:  The Most Rev. Michael Curry

For those in service to our country:  For all who stand watch

For all Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Medical Personnel & EMS:  Ken “Jeep” Dies (Judy Carlson’s brother), Joshua Kester, Dave Ross, Station 18

For St. Patrick’s ministries: Malachi’s Storehouse, Peachtree Pine, Summer’s Landing, Peachford, Stephen Ministry, Maji Mazuri, Shine a Light

For June Birthdays: 7-Alison Solomon, 8-Star Rios, 9-Daniel Bailez, 10-Doug Carlson, Cate Harter,14-Claire Francell,15-Victor Green, Michael Dolan, 17-Owen Harper, 18-Alma Hobbs, 20-Tiffany Williams, 21-Patti Owen-Smith, 22-Judy Greig, Catrina Sanders, 23-Joy Green, 25-Jacob Haslett, 27-Craig Curtis, Ilho Song, 28-Robin Neal, Ellen Stilwell, Alex Park, 30-Edie Krakowiak, Jack Krakowiak

For June Anniversaries: 1-Charles & Zana Boyanton, 5-John & Wendy Lauber, 6-Bruce & Pam Wilson, 8-Eric & Karla Webber, 9-Robert & Dianne Grove, Wayne Ware, Minna Hong, 14-Comer & Anne Duncan, 17-Jack & Nancy Lauber, 20-Ferris & Linda Broxton, 23-Charlie & Alma Hobbs, 30-Russell & Judy Greig