Following Christ as we welcome, nurture, love and feed all God’s children.

Our Chicken Soup ministry is delicious, home cooked and then frozen, a gift from our St Pat’s family that’s always ready when needed. (A quart of soup and two casseroles for 2 people).

If you believe a beloved has need for one of these gift boxes, for ANY reason, please go right ahead and ask them. If you receive a ‘Yes” and can take the box next time you visit, please help yourself to one.

The boxes (as shown) are stored in the kitchen freezer inside a larger grey box marked Chicken Soup. Please be safe, it can be slippery in there. Once delivered please bring the larger container back and return to the grey box for reuse.

Contact Brenda Marquis, if you need help coordinating delivery. Thank-you to our wonderful delivery volunteers.

Brenda will monitor the uptake of the boxes and together with Alison Forbes, organize replenishment when needed.

Perhaps you have experienced the power of this beautiful ministry when you were sick? Let’s share this gift freely and often.