St. Patrick’s Together…Celebrating Joy
Church Picnic
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Following 10:30am Service

The St. Patrick’s and Malachi’s Family Picnic is close at hand, and we need your help in the following ways:

Buy a raffle ticket for $5.00 to take home a cake, pie, or cobbler made by our St. Patrick’s bakers. Buy your raffle tickets between the 8:00 and 10:30 services, or contact Sharon McWhorter

Bake two of your favorite cakes, pies, or cobblers. One will be dessert at our picnic, and the second will be raffled off. Our goal is 25 bakers (or 50 items….25 to eat and 25 to raffle off);

Set up tents and tables;

Decorate tables (centerpieces to be made by Elaine) and set up serving tables;

Bring food from kitchen to outside serving tables (during Communion);

Supervise Water Slide and Kiddie Pools;

Clean up.

Please volunteer to help! Sign-up sheets are on the Volunteer Board in the Narthex. No one will need to volunteer more than 1 hour. As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” And, most importantly, show up, gather up, and have fun!

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