Young woman speaking

Adult Formation

As we seek to follow Christ, we welcome, love, nurture, and feed all God’s children. For the spiritual formation of our community, St. Patrick’s offers a variety of nourishments for heart, head, body, and spirit.

Art Looking Up

This class offers artful contemplation through the development of work each Sunday. Each segment of the Arts Ministry provides a practice of connecting to God through visual means. Anyone is welcome to participate in any part of what we do. No experience or skill is necessary. This year, we will have workshops once a month and Open Studios with Contemplation the remaining Sundays. The workshops will be open to anyone. Come for just one Sunday or for them all!

Dream Group: Uncovering Buried Treasure, Our Nightly Gifts from God

The Dream Group provides a safe and sacred space to share nighttime dreams. Participants explore a rich world of symbol and metaphor—a gift bestowed upon all of us each night as we sleep. By reverently listening to and honoring our dreams, we grow and stretch ourselves spiritually, both as individuals and as members of the larger community. We are an open group that welcomes anyone on any Sunday. No prior experience is necessary. Weekly sessions depend on who attends and the dream selected for discussion. Come share in the wonder and power of “God’s forgotten language” as we explore the hidden (and holy) bounty of our nighttime dreams.

The Forum

Open to all on Sunday mornings, the Forum explores issues of peace, justice and the Kingdom of God. Over the past year we have paid special attention to immigration policy and dismantling racism, through book studies, expert speakers and lively discussion. Meanwhile, we have complemented our call to action by paying attention to our contemplative lives, through study and reflection on such topics as spirituality of aging, the enneagram and prayer practices.

The Word of the Lord

Focused on enriching our understanding of scripture, the class encourages participants to look at scripture both in historical and theological contexts and especially in its application to our daily lives. Active participation in discussions is encouraged and we entertain and respect the thoughts and ideas of all. Scripture to be studied is selected by the class. Class begins at 9:00am.