Young woman speaking

Adult Formation

As we seek to follow Christ as we welcome, love, nurture, and feed all God’s children. For the spiritual formation of our community, St. Patrick’s offers a variety of nourishments for heart, head, body, and spirit.

Art Looking Up

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:15AM for a "studio style" gathering in the Art Lab or meet with us via Zoom in the  afternoons at 3:30PM. We will be exploring how God speaks to us through our art. Creating art is a spiritual experience and sharing it with others deepens our connection with God. We invite everyone to participate, all skill levels welcomed.

Caffeinated Conversations

Drop by the Parlor on Sunday mornings at 9:15AM for coffee, fellowship, and lively conversations at the intersection of faith and life. Conversations will be facilitated by Billy and Sarah Eayre, Cari Stephens, and Ryan Maltese.

Dream Group

1st Sunday at church at 9:15AM

3rd Thursday via Zoom, 7:00-8:30PM

Dream Group provides a safe and sacred space to share dreams and help participants find spiritual fulfillment in their dreams. We use a group process to assist the dreamer in determining how God might be speaking to them. We discuss various elements of dreams, such as how dreams use symbols and metaphors to communicate. The group does not interpret dreams, but rather uses the structured setting to enable the group to explore and honor dreams. All are welcome to be a part of either session to experience the power of sharing dreams. Dream Group is facilitated by Brenda Marquis and Kendra Yates.


EfM stands for Education for Ministry. Here “Ministry” means following Christ in all one does whether one is ordained or not. This four-year program is developed and supervised by the University of the South and is Episcopal in ethos.

The class is facilitated by Wayne Ware and meets on Monday evenings from 6:45-9:15PM via Zoom. Currently, the fall class is full. 


Sunday Mornings at 9:15AM in hybrid format—Participants attend either In-Person or on Zoom. 

Books, podcasts, DVDs, Holy Conversations, and Drama may be expected. Group facilitation is shared by all.  Participants are encouraged to engage in different ways.

Great Books, Great Conversations

Join us Tuesday evenings at 7:00PM In-Person and on  Zoom.

Sometimes it takes disruption and loss to break us open and turn us back to God. In this challenging, hopeful work, The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, a Canon to Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry, explores the American story and the Episcopal story to learn how communities steeped in privilege may release that privilege and become Beloved Community. This implies questions for St. Patrick’s. How does what is revealed here inform our hopes and openness to change at St. Patrick’s? As we listen to the voice of Spirit together, what could happen? Join Wayne Ware and Fr. Dick Game as they guide our discussions of Spellers’ call to us to seek and do justice through the Church.

Scripture Class

Sunday Afternoons at 3:00PM via Zoom

The Scripture class is devoted to close reading and discussion of the Bible. We explore various interpretations and links to our daily lives. Currently, we are immersed in John's gospel using Barclay's commentary as a guide. All are welcome and encouraged to join us.