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Youth Formation – Journey to Adulthood

St. Patrick’s is proud to support the Journey to Adulthood program for our Youth. This program centers on forming community, with foundations in the Biblical story and the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

Journey to Adulthood is structured as a rites of passage program. This transition is a process, not a single event, and the Journey to Adulthood program spends six years moving teens through the three stages of a classic Rite of Passage: separation, initiation, and reincorporation. Every year builds on the one before, and it is driven for the Youth by the Youth and their parish community. This is accomplished through both the structure of the weekly lessons and various special liturgies that mark progress along the way.

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Rite 13

Rite 13 is a two year program designed to build self-esteem in the context of the Christian community. Lay leader, clergy, and the congregation at large work together to establish a framework for friendships which bridge gender stereotypes.

The Goals of Rite 13

  • To celebrate God’s gift of manhood and womanhood
  • To affirm the power of creative energy and to explore the thoughts and disciplines which allow individuals to effect change in the world
  • To teach, by word and example, the principles of freedom, responsibility, and friendship.

These goals are accomplished through building a community, establishing relationships, and understanding the call of God.


The J2A years continue the transition process and culminate in a Holy Pilgrimage. This sacred journey has the potential to transform not just the young pilgrims who travel, but also the congregation who has sent them forth. The four areas of discovery are Self, Sexuality, Spirituality, and Society.

The Goals of the J2A program are:

  • To celebrate the transition from youth to adulthood
  • To train young people in the skills of adulthood
  • To explore the mystery of our faith heritage
  • To establish our experience in the strength of community and liturgy

In the J2A curriculum, we focus on the acquisition of skills and vocabulary which prepare and empower the young person to participate in the adult community.


The Young Episcopal Adults (YEA) years recognize the importance of everyday, ordinary adults sharing their journey with young people and together developing an authentic, growing spiritual life. This program helps to equip these young adults for adulthood, where their deep spiritual lives and ability to engage the world joyfully and purposefully will empower them to be a part of God’s healing presence in the world.

The Goals of YEA are:

  • To exercise responsibility, partnership, and leadership in the life of the congregation
  • To exercise good stewardship
  • To design and lead a mission/service project
  • To discern and undertake a ministry in the congregation or community
  • To explore the meaning of confirmation in the Episcopal Church
  • To take responsibility for maintenance of group life
  • To lay a foundation of personal disciplines to carry us along our faith journey
  • To function as assistants, counselors, and advisors to the Rite 13 group or work with younger children as needed

Each YEA class experiences their journey uniquely with each of these goals in mind.