Youth on replica boat in Iceland

Youth Formation

Youth Gathering  


Youth grades 6 - 12 are invited to begin Sunday mornings in a classroom (or outdoors, activities permitting) to hang out, catch up with friends, and maybe play some air hockey! Volunteers will oversee donut-eating, free-time crafts & activities, and camaraderie!

Youth Service 


Youth grades 6 - 12 will process out after the Gloria and reconvene in a classroom, or the Pavilion to lead their own worship service. The Youth worship service will be a safe space for our youth to process the readings or message for the day, either in small groups or in a large group setting. This will be a collaborative effort with Youth, and the service will be tailored to our Youth and their sense of spirituality. We will process back into the Nave at the Peace, and be able to share a bit of what we focused on with the whole Parish each Sunday.