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For information on how to get involved, please call the church office at 770-455-6523

Adult Formation

As we seek to follow Christ, we welcome, love, nurture, and feed all God’s children. For the spiritual formation of our community, St. Patrick’s offers a variety of nourishments for heart, head, body, and spirit. Adult offerings include Art Looking Up, Dream Group, The Forum, and The Word of the Lord. For a description of each offering, please visit the Christian Formation page of this website.


Art Group

The Arts Ministry is comprised of a community of people offering a connection to God. There are four main segments of the Arts Ministry giving multiple avenues for people to become involved. We have our growing St. Patrick's Art Collection that encourages viewers to use original artwork as a catalyst for contemplation. Participating in the development of the Stations of the Cross gives participants a Lenten practice which is a unique experience. The Arts Retreats offer a connection with the community in an off-site location. Finally, the Adult Formation Class - Art Looking Up offers artful contemplation through the development of work each Sunday. Each segment of the Arts Ministry provides a practice of connecting to God through visual means. Anyone is welcome to participate in any part of what we do. No experience or skill is necessary. For more information, click here.


Children's Formation

At St. Patrick’s we are creating an authentic, spiritual community with children and families. We recognize that God is indeed with us at all times and in all places, in all of the joyful, painful, holy, crazy, abundant, wonderful messiness of life. We seek to meet and see the Holy in our everyday lives. We find great joy in enfolding children in all parts of the life of the Church. We are all on this holy journey together! For a description of the Children's Formation offering, please visit the Christian Formation page of this website.


Discovery Weekend

Modeled after Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, and Happening, Discovery Weekend is an in-house retreat with ample opportunity for sharing, learning, building community, singing and fun. It is also a time of sharing , worship, learning and renewal for those who attend the weekend.

We were thrilled to host our first Discovery weekend in August 2018, during which 60 adults and senior youth spent a weekend together making new friendships and strengthening ties to God and our church family. With the success of our first Discovery Weekend, we are looking forward to announcing dates for Discovery II in the very near future.


Education for Ministry (EfM)

EfM stands for Education for Ministry. Here “Ministry” means following Christ in all one does whether one is ordained or not. This four-year program is developed and supervised by the University of the South and is Episcopal in ethos.

EfM classes offer:

  • A setting for mutual spiritual support through shared prayer.
  • A safe place to explore spiritually.
  • A study group where the Bible, church history and various foundational theological texts and questions are examined.
  • A place for theological reflection about how our daily lives are affected by our culture, our beliefs, Scripture, and the people or events that we encounter.
  • An opportunity to take all of this and apply it to our lives in ways that transform us and equip us for living out our spiritual gifts in community.

We meet once a week from September through May of each year. Participants commit to one year at a time. We begin recruiting during the spring and summer for the following academic year.


JustFaith is an intensive, small-group process for faithful Christians looking to deepen their commitment to care for vulnerable people and our planet. Through prayer, study, dialogue, and immersions, participants form community as they explore critical realities and their implications to their lives and their faith.



St. Patrick’s houses a comfortable library. The space provides an intimate setting for small group gatherings or a quiet contemplative space for an individual. 
The shelves are filled with books on religion, spirituality and related topics written by a variety of authors and are available for check-out. There are also many research books and journals available for use in the library.


Youth Formation

St. Patrick’s is proud to support the Journey to Adulthood program for our Youth. This program centers on forming community, with foundations in the Biblical story and the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

Journey to Adulthood is structured as a rites of passage program. This transition is a process, not a single event, and the Journey to Adulthood program spends six years moving teens through the three stages of a classic Rite of Passage: separation, initiation, and reincorporation. Every year builds on the one before, and it is driven for the Youth by the Youth and their parish community. This is accomplished through both the structure of the weekly lessons and various special liturgies that mark progress along the way. For a description of the Youth Formation offering, please visit the Christian Formation page of this website.