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Service and Evangelism

For information on how to get involved, please call the church office at 770-455-6523

Anchor Place Respite

Anchor Place is a community-supported ministry of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church for people living with dementia and their carepartners. Our mission is to provide social, emotional, and spiritual support for older adults living with memory loss and other cognitive impairments, ease the challenges of caregiving, and address the epidemic of loneliness through innovative, caring programming.

Building and Grounds

St. Patrick’s Building and Grounds Committee is organized to help care for our physical building. The Committee is led by the Junior Warden with help and support from Parish representatives.

The Committee has three core areas:

  • Building (Exterior)
  • Building (Interior)
  • Gardens and Landscaping

This ministry oversees recommendations for improvements and new projects and prioritizes their completion, conducts planning studies for longer-range building needs and grounds improvements,  and hosts Spring and Fall Parish Work Days to engage the full parish in maintaining and improving our house of worship. This ministry literally keeps the roof over our heads and doors of our church open!  We welcome requests for the facilities’ improvement, and helping hands to make those improvements.  No experience needed.

Clubhouse Atlanta

Clubhouse Atlanta, founded by Susie Kyle and Bill McClung, follows the Clubhouse International model of psychiatric rehabilitation, which is an evidence-based practice as listed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMSHA). A practice that has a proven track record of success with over 300+ Clubhouses in 30+ countries.

Clubhouse Atlanta is a place where individuals living with a mental illness can come to work on their recovery at their own pace with the help of a welcoming community who believes that recovery is possible. The Clubhouse offers our members the opportunity to return to paid work via our Transitional Employment Program; the opportunity to return to school with the help of our Supported Education Program; the ability to find stable and suitable housing opportunities; but above all else, the opportunity to build Strong and Meaningful Relationships.

Clubhouse Atlanta officially opened its doors to a small group of initial members on October 1st, 2020. Clubhouse Atlanta will operate on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Garden Club

The Garden Club is focused on delivering a welcoming and peaceful inner Courtyard, as well as producing the Garden of Eatin’ to feed the community.  Anyone can participate in this ministry!  Do you like to dig in the dirt?  Have you ever pulled a weed?  Do you like to spray water from a hose?  Are you handy with clippers?  Join the Garden Club!  No, you don’t get to operate heavy machinery, but if you can operate a hand trowel, a rake, or a shovel, you are more than qualified!  We contribute as our schedules permit, and usually have 2 – 3 gardening events per year to keep up with the seasons.


Being a Greeter at St. Patrick’s is a really exciting and fun ministry.  You will likely be the first contact a visitor will have with a member of St. Patrick’s, so your enthusiastic welcome is pivotal.  A Greeter will answer any questions a visitor may have, give them directions, and encourage them to wear a name tag so we, as a congregation, will know we have a visitor among us.  The requirements for the ministry are easy:  arrive at church a little early, put on your greeters badge, and stand in the Narthex so you are visible.  Look for new faces, introduce yourself, and let visitors know you are available to answer any questions they have.   After communion, return to the Narthex so you will be available to introduce the visitors to several members of the church.  Invite the visitor to have coffee/snacks with us before they leave.   You can direct them to the information table for brochures about the different ministries and invite them to fill out a sign-up card if they would like to learn more about St. Patrick’s.  Thank them for joining us and let them know we hope they will visit us again. This ministry is a wonderful way to share the joy of our community and make a visitor feel that “we see the light of Christ in them, and they are RADIANT!"

Malachi’s Storehouse

Malachi’s Storehouse is an emergency food pantry located at St. Patrick’s, dedicated to addressing food insecurity in metro Atlanta by providing both groceries and a hot meal for those in need of emergency support.

Malachi’s is open every Wednesday, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. A hot lunch is served at 11:30am and free groceries are available from 1:00pm – 3:00pm for low-income families in our community.  Follow this link to the Malachi’s Storehouse website.

Neighborhood Faith In Action (NFA)

Our mission is to speak out to policy makers as advocates for compassion and justice in political, social, economic and environmental issues. We feel compelled by our faith to actively bring our concerns to bear on public officials because that is our primary way of influencing who we shall be as a people before God.

What do we do? First and foremost, we vote and strive to help others to do the same. We keep ourselves informed by collaboratively bringing attention to unjust issues by regularly communicating through:

  • Guest speakers
  • Focus group meetings
  • Electronic newsletters that notify citizens of opportunities to be vocal via mailings, community meetings, legislative action, etc.


Whom do we serve? We seek to serve those in need of a voice and the community at large. Currently we are giving particular focus to 6 areas of concern:

  • Voting rights
  • Racial reconciliation
  • Immigration
  • Gun safety
  • Climate
  • Sex trafficking

Newcomers Team

The mission of this ministry is to make sure that visitors to St. Patrick’s “feel” from the moment they come through our doors.  The ministry is a testament to our joy and our belief that we are all “connected to each other by something greater than us and something that is rooted in love and compassion.” (Dr. Brene Brown) We believe that this “something greater” is God.  The Newcomer’s Ministry wants all who come here to have the opportunity to be a part of this very special St. Patrick’s community.  The coffee hour after the 10:30 service on Sunday allows members of the church to meet with new visitors in a relaxed social setting handled by the Newcomer’s Ministry volunteers.  Through polite conversation, we can find out how the St. Patrick’s community can welcome, love, nurture, and feed them.  We also will do one or two events during the year geared toward new members of the church.  This ministry calls for people who want to pass on the warmth, hospitality, and welcome that they received when they first came to St. Patrick’s.