Vestry Members are both members and spiritual leaders of the parish. The Vestry itself is the lay leadership board of the parish, and includes eleven adults and one youth member. The Vestry and the Rector together discern and promote the vision and mission of the parish, through prayer, proclamation and action, and prayerful stewardship of parish facilities and financial resources. Each year, the Vestry discerns together the Ministry Pillar to which each Vestry Member seems called and best suited to serve. The Parish Annual Meeting is the gathering that elects adult Vestry members to three-year terms and one youth member to a one-year term.

Election as an adult member of the Vestry is open to any confirmed communicant in good standing of the parish who is not less than eighteen years of age, a regular attendant at the services of the church in the year preceding election, and known by the Treasurer to have made and fulfilled a stated financial commitment for church support in the year preceding election.

Vestry Officers

Two wardens are selected to serve with members of the Vestry. The Rector selects the Senior Warden, with the advice and consent of the Vestry. The Senior Warden typically presides at Vestry meetings and is the primary liaison between the Rector and the parish. The Junior Warden is selected by the Vestry and is charged with the upkeep of buildings and grounds.

The following serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Vestry: The Rector (serving as Chair of the Vestry); The Clerk (who maintains a record of Vestry meetings) and the Treasurer (who oversees the financials and the annual audit).

The following are our Vestry Members and Officers:

Vestry Committees

The Vestry appoints individuals to serve on four specific Vestry Committees: The Finance Committee (developing and proposing the annual budget, tracking revenue and expenses, and facilitating the audit); The Human Resources Committee (personnel matters), Endowment Board (administering the Parish’s endowment); and Malachi’s Storehouse Board (our feeding ministry).