Here’s the Wednesday Evening schedule:
Meal:                                  6 pm
All-Hands Clean-Up       6:40 pm
Program                             7-8 pm
Here are the details:
Our meal is served at 6 pm, enjoyed in the spirit with and from the generosity of Malachi’s, who will be helping setup the Parish Hall and preparing some of our dishes. Others are forming kitchen crews.We will all have the opportunity to help clean up after the meal.
Continuing the gift of generosity and fellowship (and opportunity to reduce waste), you are welcome, of course, to bring gifts from your own kitchen to share. A charge of $5 per person is suggested, with most going to Malachi’s.
Here’s the program:
January:                                               Gifts class and Bible Study (moved from Wednesday)
February:                                              Meditation Class and Bible Study
March 8 through and April 5:           Lenten Series
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