Children in Sunday School class

Children's Formation

At St. Patrick’s we are creating authentic, spiritual community with children and families. We recognize that God is indeed with us at all times and in all places, in all of the joyful, painful, holy, crazy, abundant, wonderful messiness of life. We seek to meet and see the Holy in our everyday lives. We find great joy in enfolding children in all parts of the life of the Church. We are all on this holy journey together!

Children's Fun Formation/Pray-ground  9:15-10:15AM 

Children grades K- 5 are invited to begin Sunday mornings on the playground (or a classroom, weather permitting) for fellowship & fun! Volunteers will oversee play, facilitate fun, and even perhaps sing a song or two!

Children's Chapel  in the Chapel until Peace 10:40-11:10AM

Children, grades K - 5,  will participate in communal worship and will process out after the Gloria and reconvene in the Chapel for Children's Chapel. Using the Sunday Papers and other resources, crafts, and activities, Children will discuss and process the message and readings for each Sunday with each other and the adult leaders. Children may also focus on songs and projects to be presented to the Parish. 

Our Nursery

Infants and Preschool children are welcomed in the Nursery for all of our Sunday morning activities. Our Nursery is regularly staffed by Maria C & Maria T, sisters who lovingly take care of our children. Both are registered pharmacists in the Philippines. As they say, “Children are such a joy. We grow with them. We give them love; they love us back. They become a part of us.” Please introduce yourself and your little ones to these wonderful ladies!

Children in Worship

Liturgy is the Work of the People, ALL the people! All children are welcome and encouraged to be in the nave or chapel for worship. We joyfully welcome the way that children experience the world by moving their bodies and by making joyful (and sometimes not so joyful) noises. For those days where, as a parent, you feel your worship would be enhanced by a little separation from other worshipers, we respect that and offer a Joyful Noise Room where parents and children may view, listen to, and participate in worship.